I’m quadrilingual — speaking Macedonian, English, Spanish & Serbian.

For more than a decade I’ve been programming professionally, developing backends for cross-platform apps & making websites visited by millions every month, as well as programming native applications for both the desktop and mobile.

I’m interested in new technologies that enable me to do things faster — whether it’s a new programming language (hello Go) or a new sublime text plugin. Nowadays I mostly work with Go on the backend, but often use React for front-end, Swift for mobile apps, and HTML/CSS/JS (or TS) as needed for the web. I’m not a stranger to the terminal or #devops either — having previously moved most of our websites to automated one-click deployments based on Gitflow and Rocketeer, with a custom web front-end — and now managing a transition to a cloud native architecture.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) logo

Currently managing a full transition from traditional hosting to a cloud native architecture on AWS.


Free-eBooks.net logo

Complete redo of our iOS app. Designed, implemented & launched 2 separate apps in 2 different languages with a shared codebase. Consolidated multiple backend versions into a standardized, versioned RESTful API that became the backend to our Android app as well. New app’s rating climbed to 4.8 stars soon after launch, versus the old one’s 2.5.

Git logo

Worked with our engineering and server team to move to a more robust workflow. In parallel, we moved all our sites from SVN to Git as our primary VCS and replaced our legacy deployment process with single-click deployments. Error-prone processes that used to take minutes to hours now take seconds while offering a better peace of mind.

^ Git Logo by Jason Long. Used with permission.