Dino Angelov Software Architect
Strumica, Macedonia Heredia, Costa Rica

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Free-eBooks.net logo I work on keeping Free-eBooks.net's millions of members happy and connecting them with thousands of our authors. From deployment systems to in-house analytics and recommendation systems, as the Software Architect at Stirling Corp., I've worked on it all.

Kubernetes (K8S) logo Currently managing a full transition from traditional hosting to a cloud native architecture using Kubernetes.

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I got into generative art recently. Both classical and AI generated art can be so fascinating and fun to play with. Looking to build a plotter and print the best art myself, then hang them at home.

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I #retweet a lot on Twitter. Got some open-source projects on GitHub, my so-so cooking & travel photos on Instagram and nothing much on LinkedIn. I happen to have an email address as well, if that’s your thing.